The Batman Has Released A Deleted Scene That Teases The Appearance Of An Iconic Villain In Its Sequel

It was in the film’s final moments that the Joker, played by Dunkirk’s Barry Keoghan, made his first and only appearance, revealed to be the Riddler’s neighbour in Arkham State Hospital.

After joking that the newly captured Riddler must be feeling like a “clown”, he offered him a riddle: “Riddle me this. The less of them you have, the more one is worth.”

The Riddler of course was quick to catch up the answer was “a friend” – and it lead to the two acquaintances laughing away as the movie ended, possibly hinting at an alliance between the two in the unconfirmed sequel.

However, it was recently revealed that Joker’s role had been a bit more present initially throughout the DC film, with a newly released delete scene showing Robert Pattinson’s Batman turning to the iconic villain to ask for his “perspective” on Riddler’s string of murders.

The scene hinted as to how the Joker had been so quick to approach the criminal upon his capture – he had been previously informed of his ‘accomplishments’ by Batman himself.

In the scene, Batman visits Joker on the anniversary of his capture, handing over the serial killer’s file.

“First anniversary and it’s… paper,” joked the villain. “Why do you think I come so cheap?”

Upon inspecting the file, he rejoiced on how “meticulous” it was, observing that the culprit had been “planning it his whole life”, and immediately informed Batman he already knows who he is.

“He’s a nobody, wants to be somebody,” he said. “The Mayor…the commissioner….he’s got ambition.”

The eerie scene proved how observant Barry Keoghan’s version of the iconic Joker is as the villain started giving a full description of the man behind the murders. When asked about why the Riddler was sending the vigilante letters with every murder, the answer that came was creepily accurate.

“Maybe he’s a fan of yours,” he said, erupting into a quiet, husky laugh. “Or maybe he’s got a grudge against you too. Maybe you’re the main course.”

It does not come as a surprise as to why the scene ended up being cut in the editing room. Within five minutes, the Joker had seemingly unveiled very accurately so the Riddler’s motives, intentions, and character.

However the scene proved a great teaser for the DC villain. Just like the film’s final scene, the Joker’s face remained blurred with only his husky, teasing voice there to bait the audiences. There were also glimpses of scarred hands, a scarred face complete with a butchered smile that seemed carved into his flesh, and patches of hair missing from his head.

We may have to wait a few years for the next instalment, but at least, with his five minute screen-time, Keoghan proved that the wait could be worth it.

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