Cardi B Is Sporting A New Hairstyle And Fans Can’t Stop Talking About It

The rapper is not only known for wearing her heart on her sleeve, but she is also a favorite among fans for her style statement.

Over the years, we have seen the singer don a range of hairstyles. But, the latest red bandana hairdo is particularly gathering a lot of attention for its uniqueness. Take a look yourself.

Cardi B offered fans a glimpse of her new hairstyle through a video shared on her Instagram handle on Wednesday, March 30, 2022.

The singer has dyed her hair red, designed with a black and white pattern. In no time at all, her new hairdo became the talk of the town as fans had never seen her sport such a look before.

Prior to changing her hair color to red, Cardi B sported a brunette look.

The singer hasn’t revealed if the new hairstyle is a part of any of her projects or if it was a personal choice to give herself a makeover.

Owing to its color and design, fans think Cardi B’s hair resembles a bandana. The same has received a lot of attention on social media as fans can’t stop raving about the singer’s new look.

One fan tweeted: “I love Cardi B’s red bandana hair”

“Cardi b looks so good, this hair is so pretty,” tweeted another.

Another said: “Cardi B’s hair right now is so cool. It’s sickening.”

“One thing about Cardi B is that her hair game will always be on 100,” tweeted one fan.

On a personal front, Cardi B has been spending some quality time with her daughter, Kulture.

Recently, the mother and daughter duo went on a trip to Disneyland.

The singer shared pictures of Kulture clad in a Balenciaga outfit that reportedly cost $2,400.

She captioned the pictures as: “Light but heavy”

Cardi and Offset welcomed their daughter in 2017. Their now five-month-old son was born in September 2021.

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