Firass Dirani Slammed Two Of This Year’s Popular Oscar Nominees In A Provocative Instagram Post

The 37 year-old actor called sci-fi black comedy Don’t Look Up, nominated for Best Picture, ‘the worst film of the decade.’

Dirani also took aim at the critics Oscar favourite The Power of the Dog, despite the fact he had not actually seen the Benedict Cumberback western.

‘I could not even entertain that one,’ Firass admitted.

The SAS Australia contestant called the film, about a comet on a collision course with earth and the pitiful global effort to avert certain disaster, an ‘astronomical miss’.

‘Am I blind?’  Am I missing something? Being rhetorical,’ he asked.

The Power of the Dog was one of the most lauded films at this year’s 94th Academy Awards, receiving 12 nominations, including Best Picture.

SAS Australia villain Firass Dirani slams Oscars Best Picture nominees |  Daily Mail Online

New Zealand filmmaker Jane Campion won Best Director during Sunday’s Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles for film.

This is only the third time a woman has won an Academy Award in the category.

‘Am I blind?’ Am I missing something? Being rhetorical,’ he asked

The Best Picture prize went to the small-scale drama, CODA.

Firass shot to fame playing Sydney identity John Ibrahim in the 2010 Underbelly series The Golden Mile.

He later appeared on SAS Australia, where he quickly became the ‘villain’ in the gruelling Channel Seven military series after regularly clashing with co-stars Shannan Ponton and Merrick Watts.

SAS Australia villain Firass Dirani slams Oscars Best Picture nominees |  Daily Mail Online

Later he was kicked off the show.

No stranger to stirring controversy via his social media, Firass upset fans a year ago when he shared a post on Instagram about how women should dress modestly.

Firass uploaded a black-and-white photo of his mother and aunt in their youth, and commented on how ‘natural’ they were.

The post provoked a backlash with one follower messaging the handsome star:

‘So are you implying woman don’t wear enough clothes now? Your family is lovely but your comment is kind of condescending.’

In response to this, Firass wrote: ‘I’m saying society is pornified. Look at your Instagram feed. It’s nothing new…’

Recently the outspoken actor was in the news again, after ruling himself as the star of a new mini-series about John Ibrahim, The Last King of the Cross.

Produced by streaming giant Paramount+, the mini-series will star heartthrob Lincoln Younes as Ibrahim, with English actor Ian McShane (Deadwood), co-starring.

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