Harvey Levin Of TMZ Rejected Soulja Boy’s Custom Sneakers

So, is Big Draco a modernized Renaissance Man? Well, he is effectively establishing himself in an array of industries. Additionally, he is even delving into the world of Fashion.

However, a pair of customized Soulja Boy sneakers were recently rejected by TMZ’s Harvey Levin!

Both, inside and outside of the booth, the ATLien readily demonstrates his passion. Thus far, his loyal approach to business proves successful. However, is the “Goin Down” entrepreneur destined for footwear prosperity?

Well, judging by Levin’s response, the rapper may have to transform his gifting technique. Or, perhaps it is the Soulja Stars marketing approach that needs a bit of assistance.

Regardless, of the reason why, Harvey hurriedly declined the present. Be that as it may, the entire exchange retains its jovial nature. Of course, one man’s opinion does not dictate the trajectory the “Goin Down” artist’s entire brand.

Back, on Wednesday (March 23), the failed attempt transpired. After chilling at the TMZ offices, Mr. Sneaky Link brought out the proposed present. Of course, a pair of green colorways were stashed away.

Nonetheless, no means, No. A perplexed Harvey is seen holding the shoes. “I know you got nieces and nephews or something,” suggests Soulja Boy. To which, Harvey poses the following question.

“Do you know what would happen if I wore these?” Soon, the incredulous boss matter-of-factly suggests, “They would tear me apart in here.” Regardless of his resistance, the hit-maker persists.

“You gotta put them in the closet at least,” says Soulja. Finally Levin jokes, “I’ve stopped putting sh*t in the closet a long time ago.”

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