Jay-Z Is Being Urged To Relocate The Oscar Party From The Chateau Marmont

Jay-Z has been urged to move his post-Academy Awards party from Chateau Marmont, amid protests over the West Hollywood hotel’s alleged treatment of workers.

The landmark facility has faced a barrage of criticism since 2020, when nearly 250 employees were allegedly let go at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The hotel has also denied allegations of racial discrimination and harassment.

With Jay-Z, real name Shawn Carter, set to host a star-studded Gold Party at the establishment after Sunday’s Oscars, a union supporting the workers has assured that if the soirée does go ahead there, attendees will be crossing a picket line.

Unite Here Local 11 Union told Page Six in a statement that it was asking Jay-Z to “honor the boycott by choosing another venue for the famed afterparty.”

Kurt Petersen, co-president of Unite Here Local 11, further told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement: “For Jay-Z to choose the Chateau Marmont for their Gold Party is shockingly insensitive.

“They must move their event and choose an afterparty hot spot that treats its workers, especially Black women, with dignity and respect. Jay-Z has a responsibility to do better.”

Rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z’s party is all the more of a hot ticket event during awards season’s biggest night, as his wife, Beyoncé, has been nominated for a Best Original Song Oscar for “Be Alive” from the biopic King Richard.

“Celebrities have a responsibility to lead by example. Jay-Z has the opportunity right now to do just that by listening to the stories of Chateau Marmont workers and move his event to a location that treats its workers with dignity and respect,” Petersen told Page Six.

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