Kanye West Spent US$275,000 (S$303,000) On A Handbag For Chaney Jones

The Stronger hitmaker has been romancing the 24-year-old model for several weeks and he’s just splashed out on a rare silver metallic Chèvre leather Hermes Birkin bag featuring palladium hardware, which he had delivered to her in Texas earlier this week.

A source told Entertainment Tonight: “Kanye purchased an extremely rare version of the Birkin bag for Chaney Jones for $275,000 from Prive Porter.

“Kanye watched as Chaney received the bag via FaceTime.”

The bag is described as one of the “most sought-after” Birkins in the world.

Prive Porter CEO Michelle Berk said: “This is a very limited production bag that was only made in 2004. Other notable owners of this bag are Jeffree Star, who purchased from me, and Bella Hadid. It’s one of the most famous and sought after Birkins in the world.

“The demand is because of the beauty and uniqueness of the bag… as well as the limited production numbers.

“This bag has sold for as high as $300,000. Kanye’s team was adamant that they only wanted this bag, no substitutions.

“The timing was uncanny as we had just added it to our Metaverse Fashion Week ANFT collection, a huge innovation in luxury ownership and authenticity, and she ended up being the first person to have something of this nature.”

According to the company’s Managing Director, Jeffrey Berk, Chaney had mentioned the accessory to Kanye a number of times and her “joy was genuine” when she FaceTimed the 44-year-old rapper.

He added: “I flew to Houston and delivered it myself, as the unit was so valuable and they wanted it that same day.”

Early last month, Kanye who has four children with ex-wife Kim Kardashian — was dating Julia Fox and presented the Uncut Gems actress and a number of her friends with baby Hermes Birkin purses as a birthday gift.

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