Kim Kardashian Is Facing Backlash For Allegedly Photoshopping Her Social Media Snaps

Kim Kardashian is facing backlash for allegedly Photoshopping her social media snaps again after pictures from Oscars after-party showed her ‘real skin texture’.

American TV personality and socialite, 41, who keeps her fans on their toes by showcasing her polished looks in sizzling selfies, was called out by some of her followers as they compared a social snap to professional ones taken at the soiree on Saturday.

Pete Davidson’s ladylove’s skin texture, according to fans, looked noticeably different to photos posted to Kim’s Instagram grid – with people accusing the reality star of filtering her visage and setting ‘unrealistic standards’ of beauty.

Kim Kardashian receives flak for 'Photoshopping her snaps' again

One eagle-eyed fan wrote: ‘When you’re so used to seeing the smoothed filtered photos it’s a bit of a shock when we get a real image. She looks fabulous in both photos. But different.

The second one penned: ‘Exactly lol she looks FINE they need to quit setting the unrealistic standards for themselves because that’s what p***es off everyone anyways.’

‘Feel the same way. It’s not that they look bad without the photoshop, another wrote.

‘We’re just so used to seeing so much photoshop that the real life version ends up being a shock.’ One fan typed: ‘I prefer the right side to the left side. It’s actually her face. Not a product of an app.’

Back in January Kim Kardashian deleted one of her sizzling Instagram snaps after being accused of Photoshopping her famous figure. She delighted fans when she shared a gallery of swimsuit-clad images from her recent Bahamas getaway with Pete Davidson.

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