London Indie Pop Riser Ines Rae Returns With New Single ‘Burner Phone’

Out now, it finds Ines Rae prepping her new EP, one that finds the London artist raising her ambitions yet again.

Still only 19 years old, the songwriter’s new single ‘Burner Phone’ could be the step that leads to her fulfilling her dreams.

An expertly pieced together slice of alt-pop, it glides in on her mellifluous use of melodies before the lyrics calmly assert themselves.

A neat introduction to her realm, it’s a dose of happy-sad indie pop that refuses to be hemmed in.

“‘Burner Phone’ is the first single off of my 2022 EP. I wrote this song in the middle of lockdown 2020 – it was initially born out of not being able to be with the person I was seeing during that time and the insecurity that came with the absence. Always wondering what they were doing and who they were messaging while we were apart and getting the impression that they weren’t being transparent.”

“Fundamentally, the song is about feeling you are someone’s second choice and that they’re living a double life seeing more than one person at a time. The burner phone is a metaphor for being secretive and deceitful.”

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