Rudeboy Whomp’s Trending Single “Don’t Want Her Back” Captures Global Attention

Rudeboy Whomp is an upcoming HipHop artist in the music industry who has been on the rise to fame gaining notoriety from his unique style of music creating a Detroit Rap Style with a unique expression of his inner self.

Generating thousands of streams the first week of his release, RudeBoy’s latest music video “Don’t. Want Her Back” has been climbing the charts. RudeBoy’s video concept depicts the controversy of love between a man and woman in a relationship.  This is a dope perspective that truly uplifts men from across the world dealing with that one kind of woman. This song has an old-school vibe with an upbeat modern tempo, RudeBoy’s lyricism is what really sets it off.

To date, “Don’t Want Her Back” has hit 32k streams and is expected to do much more in the coming weeks. The impact made from this release is sure to solidify excellent traction for his future releases as we know the fans are absolutely loving this song. Keeping the momentum, Rudeboy’s TikTok Challenge has been trending where active users are doing creative hustles, skits, and reactions to the trending single.

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