SMACKDOWN: Riddle Def. Sami Zayn

One half of the RAW tag team champions, Riddle defeated Sami Zayn on the latest edition of SmackDown to kick off the show.

RK Bro stated that they had an intense match at WrestleMania Backlash with The Bloodline. Randy Orton said that the Usos were not capable of making their own decisions and just followed Roman Reigns’ lead. They were interrupted by Sami Zayn, who walked out wearing The Bloodline t-shirt. The self-proclaimed locker leader stated that he was tired of hearing about the unification of the tag team champions.


The former Intercontinental Champion agreed to a match with Riddle on the condition that if he lost, the tag team unification match would not take place. He further claimed the match would be suitable for another night. WWE official Adam Pearce came out and announced that the match would take place then and there.


Zayn took control at the beginning of the match. Riddle put Zayn in a submission move but the latter was able to reach the ropes to break it. A fired-up Riddle hit the SmackDown Superstar with a fisherman suplex. Towards the end of the match, Riddle hit Orton’s signature moves, including a powerslam followed by a DDT off the ropes. Riddle was then ready to hit the RKO on Zayn, who retreated outside the ring and pushed him into the steel post before throwing him into the time keeper’s area.

Riddle was almost counted out but managed to make his way back into the ring in time, much to Sami Zayn’s despair. Riddle took advantage of a surprised Zayn, hitting him with Bro Derrick and pinning him for the win.

RK Bro and The Usos have been involved in an intense feud over the past few weeks teasing a unification of the tag team titles. It is yet to be confirmed by The Bloodline on whether it is to be pursued or not.

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