SMACKDOWN: Sami Zayn Addresses RK-Bro On Behalf Of The Bloodline

RAW Tag Team Champions RK-Bro opened the show by demanding a tag team title unification match against their SmackDown counterparts, The Usos.

They were interrupted by Sami Zayn, a self-proclaimed ally of The Bloodline. He put his foot in the mouth after talking himself into a match against Riddle.

The two superstars competed in a highly-entertaining match to kick off the episode. The crowd couldn’t stop chanting “Rusty” – a new name that Zayn received today courtesy of RK-Bro. In the end, Riddle won the match, and Zayn was worried about losing a bout that he fought on “behalf of The Bloodline.”

Fast forward to the main event, Roman Reigns and The Usos made their way to the ring alongside Paul Heyman. Reigns was gloating about their past accomplishments, including when he beat John Cena and Brock Lesnar.

Randy Orton and Riddle then walked out to address The Bloodline. Little did anyone anticipate that RK-Bro were prepared to destroy the trio, reminding Reigns and The Usos that their dominance is limited to SmackDown.

Orton and Riddle defended Cena before brutally trolling each member of The Bloodline. Their comments forced Jey and Jimmy Uso to accept a massive tag team title unification match set to take on SmackDown next week.

Just when it seemed that all was done, Riddle clocked Roman Reigns in the face with his signature knee-kick that fetched a massive pop from the crowd. The Tribal Chief was stunned, and so were the other Bloodline members, while RK-Bro celebrated the spot on the ramp.

Reigns might interfere in the match next week, causing a controversial finish that would eventually lead to a match at Hell in a Cell. However, Riddle’s sneaky attack is the one that will stick with the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion for a long time.

The spot was brilliantly executed and accounted for the perfect ending to one of the most entertaining shows this year.

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