Will Smith’s The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air Co-Star Janet Hubert Came To His Defence On Monday

Social media erupted with reactions after the Best Actor winner slapped Oscars presenter Chris over a joke he made at the expense of his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, with many celebrities weighing in.

Janet, who played Aunt Vivian in the TV sitcom, offered up her opinion on Monday and praised Will for standing up for his wife.

“I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to slap the mess out of so many folks who have disrespected me. Will stood up for his wife, Chris Rock is always disrespecting Black women,” she tweeted. “Mean spirited hides behind comedy. BULL.”

The actress continued over on Instagram, writing beside a photo of Will emotionally accepting his Best Actor Oscar later that evening.

“So PROUD OF YOU! Yes there is only so much one can take… sometimes you have to slap back,” she wrote. “Celebrate the win…nothing else matters. Both actions were incorrect but Chris didn’t need to go there.”

Sharing her opinion of the comedian, Janet added, “Met him once… it was enough for me… very mean spirited.”

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