Kronstadt, A Russian Drone Company, Has Been Sanctioned By The United Kingdom

Britain announced that it is imposing sanctions against the Russian defence company Kronstadt in order to damage the Russian defence industry.

Britain announced on Thursday that it is imposing sanctions against the Russian defence company Kronstadt, which is the main manufacturer of drones. The British defence ministry has declared that the sanction will “damage the Russian defence industry and limit their ability to replace lost drones.”

Along with the sanction on drone manufacturing, Britain’s foreign secretary also announced 65 new Russian sanctions to cut off vital industries fuelling the war in Ukraine.

According to a press release by the British government, the new sanctions “target key industries supporting Russia’s illegal invasion, including Russian Railways and defence company Kronshtadt, the main producer of Russian drones.”

A major organisation of Russian mercenaries called ‘The Wagner Group’ reportedly tasked with assassinating President Zelenskyy has also been sanctioned. Since Russia’s invasion on February 24, the UK has now sanctioned over a thousand individuals and businesses under the Russian sanctions regime.

Britain’s announcement was accompanied by several other western countries imposing sanctions on Russia. The United States also has plans to expand its sanctions on Russia, which will specifically target members of the Russian parliament and the central bank’s gold reserves.

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