Chelsea Fans Will Be Able To Purchase Tickets For Certain Matches

When the government seized control of Chelsea Football club, under the sanctions imposed on Russian Oligarch in the UK, conditions of the licence meant that the club was unable to sell tickets to matches to non season ticket holders.

The amendments will allow Chelsea supporters without season cards to buy match day tickets. However, there are still restrictions in place.

Going forward, fans will be able to buy tickets to all away matches in the Premier League. The revenue for the ticket sales, however, will not go to the club. The revenue will go to the home team, so Chelsea will not benefit. Home games in the Premier League are still restricted. Only season card holders and fans who had purchased their ticket before the sanctions were applied will be allowed in.

There is no such restriction for away fans. Visiting teams will be allowed to sell tickets to Chelsea home games, the revenue will go to the Premier League and not Chelsea. For cup matches and Champions League matches all fans will be able to purchase tickets. Chelsea again will not benefit from the sales. The revenue will go either to the competition organiser or the home club (depending on the competition being played), it will be distributed via the Premier League.

There is an exception. This has been specifically made for and only for the Womens Super League. Fans will be able to purchase home tickets as well as away ones. These tickets usually go on general sale closer to the matches. To encourage fuller stadiums and not run the risk of empty seats the licence was amended to allow ticket sales.

Any future Women’s Vitality FA Cup matches will be treated in the same way as the tickets for the men’s FA Cup matches. Meaning the revenue will go to the competition organiser and not the club.

The amendment to the licence should please Chelsea fans. At least knowing they can attend away matches in the Premier League and the FA Cup semi-final will give some hope. The Womens team will be relieved that they can sell home tickets too for their matches.

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